Areas of Potential Liability in Nursing



Nursing liability is usually involved with tort law. It is important for the nurse to know the differences between malpractice and intentional torts. Nurses must  also recognize those nursing situtations in which negligent actions are most likely to occur and to take measures to prevent them.
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Crimes and Torts

A Crime is an act committed in voilation of public law and punishable by a fine or imprisonment. A crime does not have to be intended in order to be a crime. For e.g, a nurse may accidentally give a client an additional and lethal dose of a narcotic to relieve discomfort.

A Tort is a civil wrong commited against a person or a  person’s property. Tots are usually litigated in court by civil action between indiviuals. In other words, the person or persons claimed to be responsible for the tort  are sued for damages. Tort liability almost always is based on fault, which is something that was done incorrectly.

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